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I write a blog on internet marketing that can be accessed at
EZ Marketing 4 U
Below you will find links to some of the many of the programs that I recommend.
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Everybody needs their own domain name and website, so check out GDI.
The cost is only $10 per month per domain name
and has an affiliate program that returns $1 per downline member per month (5 levels deep).
Here's what you get for your $10 a month:
Get Your Emails (10) for Life Here!
Get Your Internet Domain For Life Here!
Get Your Hosting For Life Here!
Get Your Income For Life Here!
GDI Link

I built this site using the Free Website Builder.

It's easy to download and very easy to use. 

This is  top-notch software you can download and use immediately and it comes with:
* Zero HTML knowledge required
* Easy step-by-step video instructions
* Over 100+ in-built website templates
* Instant one-click website publishing
* And much more!

I believe in simplicity, but you can load all of the bells and whistles that you want with this free download.

If you are going to market your website, I recommend the following program. 

Lana Robinson is an awesome trainer, and her specialty is free marketing.

Join this program and follow her guidance and you will soon be a master marketer.

If you would like more information on my marketing techniques just drop me a note and I'll sign you up for my newsletter. I use TrafficWave as my autoresponder and you will be asked to opt into MyTeam

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